Small UK Businesses Turn to Virtual Assistants to Save on Costs

It’s not just virtual assistants (VAs) who are ecstatic over the fact that freelance virtual assistant jobs online come aplenty, but also small UK business owners.


That’s because they, too, can benefit from signing up VAs who will take care of some of their everyday duties, thus considerably reducing their daily stresses. As a result of such, they will be able to focus more on core tasks necessary for keeping their money-making ventures up and running.
However, there is more to hiring VAs than just delegating some of the most challenging tasks that entrepreneurs have to carry out each day. One of the various perks of visiting online freelancing websites to look for reputable and hardworking VAs is that it allows for saving on costs.

If you are the owner of a small business in the UK, keep on reading ‚ÄĒ below you will learn why it‚Äôs a fantastic idea for you to hire a VA just like what so many other smart UK entrepreneurs like you are doing!


It’s not just when you already have your own VA that the cost-efficiency of leaving the job to a freelancer begins, but also during the process of finding such indispensable part of your team.

Nowadays, you can actually post ads free of charge on various classified advertisement sites. You can in fact choose from so many different ones, which means that it’s trouble- and cost-free to find the perfect VA for you. Placing ads on as many sites as possible allows a lot of VAs currently looking for gigs to grab to get in touch with you.

Just in case you want to ensure that every single applicant is serious about getting a job, then it’s a good idea for you to sign up on one of the most trusted freelancing platforms in cyberspace. For a small amount of cash, your chances of getting replies from many applicants looking to become VAs can be dramatically increased.

Whether free or paid, it cannot be denied that finding a freelancing VA is so much easier on the pocket!


One of the nicest things about hiring your own VA is that you don’t have to worry about providing a space for the person who will take care of a lot of your everyday tasks to keep you from winding up stressed.

Especially if your office is an unused room or corner in your home, such is a massive advantage ‚ÄĒ you don‚Äôt have to worry about sharing a cramped office space with someone else. On a very nerve-racking day, you can have all of the breathing room you will need in order to be able to think clearly if you go for a VA.

Due to the fact that your VA will be working in his or her own home, there won’t be any need for you to shell out cash for an office desk and chair, computer, fax machine and other essentials for your small business’ daily operation.

For someone who owns a small business in the UK, every single pound saved can go a long, long way!


Do you really need to scrimp on cash? Then hiring a VA is the right step for you to take. That’s because it’s something that can spare you from the need to pay an employee by the hour.

Just like traditional secretaries, freelancing VAs are also paid fixed salaries once or twice per month. Whether a VA’s asking rate is smaller or higher will depend on factors like educational background, work experience and kinds of tasks carried out.

However, it’s also very much possible for a VA assistant to be paid only per job completed!

Posting virtual assistants freelance jobs online UK entrepreneurs does come with many benefits, and the cost-effectiveness of such can become evident during the hiring process as well as when someone’s already hired.

November 19, 2019