How To Setup Payment

How to Setup your Payment Method in Jobvigo

Whether you are a Buyer, a Seller or an Affiliate, setting up your payment is one of the most important things to do. When you have a payment method setup, it will be very easy for you to buy a service or withdraw your earnings.

Step 1

Login to your Jobvigo Account. If you haven’t registered yet, you can click the “Register” button instead.

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Step 2

Once, you are logged in to your Account, mouse over your Profile Name on the upper right hand corner of the page in order to reveal the User Menu.

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Step 3

Once you have the User Menu dropdown list, Click on the “arrow” found on the right side of “Profile”(1). Then Click on the “Settings” link (2).

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Step 4

After Clicking on the “Settings” link, you will be taken to the “Settings” interface. Click on the “Payments” Tab (1) and then input either your Paypal Email or your Bank Account details. Finally, Click on “Save Changes” button after ensuring that all information are correct.

***Note: Ensure that you have entered the correct information in the Payment fields before clicking “Save”. Jobvigo only accepts Paypal and Bank Payment for now. More payment methods to come in the future depending on demand.

October 23, 2020