How to Sell

Step-by-step Guide


Register for an account on Jobvigo.com
  • Click the Register button at the top right part of the page to register for an account.
  • Choose a username that is unique for you to log in to your Jobvigo account.
  • Use a working email address where Jobvigo can send updates regarding your transactions.
  • Nominate a strong password for your Jobvigo account and confirm when asked.
  • Check “I’m not a robot” when asked by the system.
  • Click Register.

Jobvigo will send an email confirming your registration to the platform. Click on the link to log in to your account.


Log in to your Jobvigo.com account
  • Click the Login button at the top right part of the page (beside Register) to log in to your account.
  • Enter your username and password.
  • Check “I’m not a robot” when asked by the system.
  • Click Login.


Post a Job
  • Click Post a Job to make your services known to buyers.
  • Introduce yourself in the Job Information Tab.
  • Choose a job title that best describes you and the job that you offer in a few characters (e.g. Budget-friendly Graphics Designer).
  • Set how much you’re offering your services by filling in your job price (e.g. USD 10 per hour, $10 per project).
  • Make sure to include tags so your service can be easily seen by buyers.
  • You can include packages for buyers who wish to work with you long-term. These subscriptions can be set for basic, standard, and premium users of your service. Make sure to give out details like package descriptions, inclusions, and prices. You may customise this section as needed.
  • Click Buyer Information to proceed to the next page.
  • Under Buyer Information, you can add instructions to your buyer. You can also include if the service you are selling requires shipping.
  • Click Media to go to the next section.
  • In the Media section, you can add a cover image for your ad, as well as other images that best describe what you are selling. You can even add a video link, if necessary.
  • Under Extra, you can add more “extras” for your service (e.g. Extra Fast Delivery, Extra Revisions, etc.). Just fill in the necessary details, and do not forget to put your extra rates. The system will not allow you to proceed unless you have supplied all the details.
  • After you’re done, click Publish to see your ad live. Now, buyers will be able to see your offered services on Jobvigo.com