How To Request/Buy Service

How to Post a Request or Buy a Service

With Jobvigo, you will be able to find the best freelancers who can do the job that you needed to be done according to your specifications. All you need is to post for a request. This guide will provide a step by step instruction on how to Post a Request or Buy a Service.

Step 1

Login to your Jobvigo Account. If you haven’t registered yet, you can click here to register.

Find Freelance Work

Step 2

Once, you are logged in to your Account, mouse over your Profile Name on the upper right hand corner of the page in order to reveal the User Menu.

Find A Freelancer

Step 3

Once you have the User Menu dropdown list, Click on the “arrow” found on the right side of “Requests”(1). Then Click on the “Post a Request” link (2).

How To Request/Buy a Service 1

Step 4

After Clicking on the “Post a Request” link, you will be taken to the “Post New Request” interface where you can fill out important information about the Job that you will be buying.

How To Request/Buy a Service 2

Step 5

Fill out the “Request” title [i.e looking for for a graphics designer, etc] (1) and the “Description” of your request (2) then, put in the appropriate tags for your Request.

***Note: Introduce yourself, the job you want to accomplish, and the price you’re willing to pay in the description box. Tag your request properly so that sellers will be able to find your request easily when searching.

How To Request/Buy a Service 3

Step 6

Select the correct “Category” [i.e. Graphics & Design] and “Subcategory” of your request (1) then set the Deadline date for seller bidding and the expected delivery period (2).

***Note: The deadline is the last day the sellers can bid for the service you requested.

Step 7

Next, indicate your Budget for the request (1) and upload attachments (2) necessary for the performance of your request. Finally, click on the “Suggest” (3) button to publish your Job Request.

***Note: Make sure to state how much you are willing to pay for the project. Also, upload documents and files explaining your project specifics.

October 23, 2020