How To Post A Job/Service (Single)

How to Post a Job/Service (Single)

This guide is aimed to help Jobvigo you jumpstart your journey towards getting your first client by posting a Job. If you wish to post a package instead, kindly see this guide.

Step 1

Login to your Jobvigo Account.

Find Freelance Work

Step 2

Once, you are logged in to your Account, mouse over your Profile Name on the upper right hand corner of the page in order to reveal the User Menu.

Find A Freelancer

Step 3

Once you have the User Menu dropdown list, Click on the “arrow” found on the right side of “Jobs”(1). Then Click on the “Post New” link (2).

How To Post a Job/Service (Single) 1

Step 4

After Clicking on the “Post New” link, you will be taken to the “Post New Job” interface where you can fill out important information about the Job that you will be offering.

How To Post a Job/Service (Single) 2

Step 5

Next, fill out the “Job” title (1). Then, put in the price and Click on the arrow to the right side of the price field (2) to select the price type.

***Note: Select your Job Title wisely and make it stand out. For the pricing, select any value from $1 up and also make sure to select the price type (i.e. fixed, hourly, etc.)

How To Post a Job/Service (Single) 3

Step 6

Select the appropriate Job Category (1) from the list (i.e digital marketing, etc.) and after that, select the subcategory from the list (2).

***Note: Select the Job Category first in order for the Job subcategory to appear.

How To Post a Job/Service (Single) 4

Step 7

Next, fill out the Job Description field with relevant information about the Job that you are offering (1) then, put in the correct tags for the job (2) and after that, Click the “Buyer Information” button (3).

***Note: The Job Description, should be as detailed as possible so that the buyers will know if it fits their needs. Tags are keywords related to your job

How To Post a Job/Service (Single) 5

Step 8

Fill out the “Instructions to Buyer” field (1) then, Select the “Max Days to Deliver” from the dropdown (2) and after that, Click the “Media” button (3).

***Note: The Instructions to Buyer, allows you to tell your buyer what information you need in order to get started. Max Days to Deliver is your deadline for delivering an order. Be careful when you choose this, because late deliveries can result in cancellations or affect your reputation.

How To Post a Job/Service (Single) 6

Step 9

Once you are in the”Media” window, you can now start to upload images, video and audio materials that is relevant to the Job. After that, Click on the “Extra” button to continue.

***Note: Ensure that you media files that you upload are of the highest quality in order to help sell your Job.

How To Post a Job/Service (Single) 7

Step 10

Once you are in the”Extra” window, you now have the option to add relevant services to your Job (1, 2, 3), ticking the “Multiple” box, will enable multiple quantity purchase for this additional service.. You can also define the pricing and delivery deadline for submission of additional services. After that, Click on the “Publish” button to publish your job. Congrats!

***Note: You can add additional relevant services to the job by ticking the box for “Extra Fast Delivery” and or “Additional Revision”. However, the “Extra” option (3) will allow you to type in a Description of the additional service. Choose the right option that fits. Do not forget to click on the “Publish” button after making any changes.

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How To Post a Job/Service (Single) 9
October 23, 2020