How To File A Support Ticket

How to File a Support Ticket

Encountered an issue while using the Jobvigo platform? Never worry as we are always here to help you resolve it. This guide will help you how to file a support ticket.

Step 1

Login to your Jobvigo Account.

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Step 2

Once, you are logged in to your Account, mouse over your Profile Name on the upper right hand corner of the page in order to reveal the User Menu.

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Step 3

Once you have the User Menu dropdown list, Click on the “Support” link (1).

Support Menu

Step 4

After Clicking on the “Support” link, you will be taken to the “Support” interface. Click on the “New Ticket” button (1) to open a New Ticket.

***Note: The Support Page will also show your support history if you have past or pending tickets. This is also the page where you can check the status of your existing unresolved tickets.

Support Menu

Step 5

After Clicking on the “New Ticket” button, you will be taken to the “New Ticket” interface.

***Note: Make sure that you enter clear and relevant information about the issue that you are facing.

New Ticket Page

Step 6

First, input the Subject of your Support Ticket (1) then, describe the issue in the Description field (2)

***Note: The Subject should be clear and straightforward. Ensure that you include as many details as possible in the Description field to give Jobvigo Support Agents all the information they need to resolve your issue.

Ticket Sub

Step 6a

Next, attach relevant files to your ticket (1) and finally click on “Submit” button after checking all the information.

***Note: Screenshots, screen recording and other documents should be included in your attachments. That way, it will be easier for us to understand the issue that you are facing and provide a timely resolution. Jobvigo Support will reply to your ticket within 24 hours of submission.

Ticket Attach
October 23, 2020