How to Buy Services

Step-by-step Guide


Register for an Account
  • Click the Register button at the upper right part of the page to register for a Jobvigo account.
  • Choose a username that you will use when you log in to your Jobvigo account.
  • Use a working email address to register your account with Jobvigo. This address is where Jobvigo will send updates regarding your transactions.
  • Choose a strong password for your Jobvigo account and confirm when asked.
  • Tick “I’m not a robot” when asked by the system.
  • Click Register.

Jobvigo will send an email confirming your registration to the platform. Click on the link to log in to your account.


Login to Jobvigo
  • Click the Login button at the top right part of the page (beside Register) to log in to your account.
  • Enter your username and password.
  • Check “I’m not a robot” when asked by the system.
  • Click Login.


Post a Request
  • Click Post a Request located on the upper right side of the page to look for sellers on the Jobvigo board.
  • Enter a title for your job request. (e.g. Graphic Designer for Hire).
  • Enter a description of your job request. Introduce yourself, the job you want to accomplish, and the price you’re willing to pay in the description box.
  • Fill in the tags section so sellers can find your request easily.
  • Choose the correct category for your service request (e.g., Digital Marketing, Graphic Design, Gaming, etc.).
  • Choose the correct subcategory for your service request (e.g., If you chose Graphics Design, you can choose Graphics for Streamers in your subcategory).
  • Choose the deadline for your request. The deadline is the last day sellers can bid for the service you requested.
  • Choose your expected delivery of the project.
  • Make sure to state how much you are willing to pay for the project by filling in the Budget From and Budget To fields.
  • You may upload attachments like a document explaining your project’s specifics, or an image reference for the sellers to learn more about your request.
  • Click Suggest to submit the request.