How it works?

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for buying and selling online services.


Need a specific service for your booming business? Whether it’s a new logo design for your brand or a long-form article for your new website, jobvigo.com has a pool of talented freelancers who can get the job done at rates that won’t break your bank.

Here’s how Jobvigo works for service buyers like you.

1. Find a service that you need

Ask yourself, what’s a task you need help with? With Jobvigo, we’ll match you with a freelancer that meets your needs. You can get to choose a seller based on their rates, experience, and delivery commitment. Simply send them an inquiry on Jobvigo.

2. Supply specifics

Sellers work best if they know the kind of service you want. If you have a certain style or tone for your brand, it’s best to let the seller know early on so they can provide you with services that match your creative taste. Your payment is secure with us until you are satisfied with the service.

3. Exchange feedback

You can exchange files and feedback with your chosen seller via our built-in conversation and transaction management system. The seller will deliver the service to you within your specified time frame.

4. Complete transaction

Once you approve of the service provided by the seller, it’s time for you to mark the transaction as complete. That’s the only time we’ll release the payment to your seller. Liked a seller’s service? Help them get more clients by leaving feedback!

5. Repeat

Happy with your experience? You can always come back to Jobvigo to get things done!


With Jobvigo, you can turn your talent or hobby into a permanent source of income. Sign up as a seller with us so you can get secure, private, and timely payments. Now you can keep doing what you love for a living.

1. Post your service

What do you have to offer? Let buyers know exactly what you can do for them so they’ll know if you’re a good fit for the job they need to get done.

2. Keep communication open

Once a customer sends you a message, send them a response as soon as you can. Always remember: time is of the essence! Communicate timely so you and your service buyer can accomplish more.

3. Build your reputation

When a buyer likes your service, they’ll tell their friends about their wonderful experience. Keep your customers satisfied, and get more projects with Jobvigo!

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