1.         What is Jobvigo made for?

Jobvigo is a platform that unites both freelancers, or Sellers, and customers, or Buyers. This is a freelance jobs website that enables entrepreneurs, students, bloggers and other initiative people to get a reliable person to do a job for them, be it copywriting, graphic design or website development. At the same time, skillful freelancers have an ultimate chance to get an extra source of income that can probably one day replace their full-time occupation.

2.         How does it all work?

Our freelance jobs website is mutually beneficial for customers and freelancers. When a Buyer is looking for a freelance service, they browse through the gig catalogue or post a request if they’re looking for something specific.

Sellers, in their turn, offer their services by creating personal gigs and contacting buyers. Thanks to a smart system of our website for freelancers, Sellers are guaranteed to get their reward, and Buyers will definitely receive their work on time and within the budget.

For Sellers

1.         How to become a Seller on your freelance jobs website?

Simply register at Jobvigo and create your profile, which is the same for both Sellers and Buyers. It means that you won’t need to create a second account if you decide one day to order freelance services at Jobvigo. After that fill in the information that might be useful for your potential customers. Now you’re ready to create your first gig – read more info on how to do that on our How to Sell page [link].

2.         Do I have to pay to register on Jobvigo?

No, there’s no monthly or registration fees on Jobvigo. Our services are absolutely free of charge.

3.         How do I get my first order?

If you’re new to Jobvigo, you should start with Buyers’ requests. Look carefully through them and contact the Buyers. Try to offer them at first at a lower rate and faster delivery time. It will help you to gain your first reviews and start your Jobvigo journey.

4.         Do I have to respond to all Buyers’ messages?

No, you don’t have to, but you should. Non-responsive Sellers tend to be less popular on Jobvigo, and Buyers are usually not that eager to contact Sellers who take ages to respond. Therefore, do your best to answer all of the Buyers’ requests in a timely manner.

For Buyers

1.         How can I be sure that a Seller will do my job and not scam me?

Jobvigo is based on a smart system that never lets any fraud happen. How does it work? We never charge money from the Buyer until the Seller delivers the order and the customer accepts it. Therefore, there can never be such a situation when you’ve already paid the full sum and the freelancer disappears as soon as they get the money.

2.         Are your Sellers experienced enough?

Our large database of freelancers offers services of both newbies and experienced Sellers. Whom to choose fully depends on your budget, requirements and the complexity of your task. If you’re looking for someone to do a simple task for you, such as writing a small text or translating a couple of lines, try to support a new freelancer and order services from them. We’re sure that this will work out for both of you. 

3.         How do I choose a suitable freelancer?

Type the service you’re looking for in the search bar and look through the gigs of the Sellers who offer such services. Click on the ones that attract your attention the most. Read the reviews on the Seller, take a look at their profile, examine their portfolio. If it all seems good to you, contact the freelancer to discuss the details of your project, or order their services directly with no prior contact.

4.         Is there a guarantee that my order will be delivered on time?

Jobvigo is not responsible for Sellers who fail to deliver orders on time, but each order has time constraints defined by a Seller and a Buyer together. If a Seller of our freelance jobs website breaks the deadline, you can cancel the order without mutual agreement, and the Seller will be penalized in this case.