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How To Register An Account

Whether you want to sell your services or you want to buy a service, registering an account with Jobvigo is very easy.

Step 1

Click the Register button located on the upper right part of the page to register for a Jobvigo account.

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Step 2

After clicking the Register button, a pop-up window will come out.

Freelance Computer Programming Jobs

Step 2.1

On the Register pop-up window, type in your desired Username. Choose a username that is familiar to you since this will be used to login to your Jobvigo Account.

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Step 2.2

Next, type in your email address. Make sure that the email address is active since this is where Jobvigo will send updates regarding your transactions.

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Step 2.3

Then, choose a strong password for your Jobvigo account and confirm your password.

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Step 3

Next, tick the “Privacy Policy and Terms of Agreement” box, then tick the ‚ÄúI‚Äôm not a robot‚ÄĚ box and answer the captcha.

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Step 4

Finally, click on the Register button to finish the registration process.

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Jobvigo will send an email confirming your registration to the platform. Click on the link to log in to your account.

October 23, 2020