5 Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make as a Freelancer

With the growth of the freelance marketplace, many people with highly required skills have opted to live life as a freelancer. But freelancing isn’t easy, and that makes most freelancers imperfect. In actuality, it is easier to make mistakes that can ruin your reputation and affect the relationship you have built with your client when you freelance. Then you end up chasing clients because you are no longer getting jobs. 

If you are in this, do not be so hard on yourself. Mistakes occur, and what makes you better is when you learn. So the first step is to ask yourself ‘What am I doing wrong?’
Below are five mistakes you shouldn’t make as a freelancer. If any of these looks like the source of your difficulties, it’s time to sort them out.

Accepting more than you can handle at a time

The joy of every freelancer is a steady flow of job offers. In as much as you want to work to earn more, be wise to say no when the situation demands. Especially when you are required to submit all the jobs at a time, do not try to manage them. By not saying NO, you will end up delivering late and most times, low-quality works. In the end, you lose your clients.

Not knowing how to charge

This is a common mistake that puts freelancers at the losing end. Although determining your pay per job can be difficult; not being able to decide on a method of charging your clients will affect your income and credibility. If you charge low (to keep the client), your client will want to continue that way in the long run, and if you charge too high, your client will look for another person. So, grade your expertise, capabilities and experience and charge accordingly.

Not focusing on a core service

Although freelancing allows you to tell people you are good at so many things but having a core service helps you to provide the best services. Juggling so many things will give you no room to improve as you would be concerned about different disciplines at a time. But when you specialize, you will deliver great jobs.

Not knowing how to manage your clients

A vital part of freelancing is to be able to maintain a good relationship with your client. Inability to communicate well and define your professionalism are big mistakes freelancers make. Having a good relationship with your clients will surely save you on rainy days. For instance, you should always check in on your client and tell them about the progress you have made during the contract period. That will make them happy and at peace.

Lack of time management

Time management is vital in freelancing. Identify the work time that works for you. If you know that you are more productive at night, then use the day to communicate with your clients, measure your level of productivity and set certain things in place. Freelancing does not stop you from doing other things well but the inability to strike a balance will hurt you.

June 24, 2021